EDASA Economic Development Primer

These one-page flyers and short videos describe the "why" and impact of core economic development strategies, including business retention and expansion; marketing and business attraction; entrepreneurship and small business development; workforce development; and foreign direct investment, plus one that describes economic development generally. They can be used to quickly explain key programs to audiences who are unfamiliar with the concepts and value of Economic Development.

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  • What is Economic Development
  • Intro - What is Economic Development
  • What is Economic Development
  • Intro - Economic Development Presentation
  • What is Economic Development - Presentation
  • This is Economic Development Video
  • How does economic development help
  • Intro - Who does Economic Development Programmes Help
  • How Economic Development Programmes Help
  • Impact of Economic Development
  • Conveying the Value of Economic Development - Video
  • foreign direct investment
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • How to Build Relationships with Key Stakeholders
  • workforce development
  • Workforce Development
  • small business development
  • Small Business Development
  • marketing and business attraction
  • Marketing and Business Attraction
  • Who are your partners - video
  • Talking Incentives - video
  • business retention and expansion
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Communicating with Elected Officials - video
  • Communicating with Stakeholders - video
  • How to respond to negative rhetoric about Economic Development
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year